i see the page where this person give TWO people totally PERSONAL information like an ADRESS (for example) what she win with that? HA!? you shouldnt mess with others peoples life! like WTF! what kind of person are you? your daddy didnt hug you enough so you have to be this mean?
this is supposedly a FRIENDS community, its just a FUCKING GAME PEOPLE! maybe like this happens and my family is half spanish i should just make all my downloads not able to RUSSIAN PEOPLE? what do you think of that? is simply STUPID.

If you ask me i think all the downloads, all the cc out there for the sims should be FREE because like i said this is a game, after all why people share cc? because you want someone else have someting you made on his game just because to you idk maybe because is something you know you will use a lot and you like it and you think, HEY! maybe someone else would like to have this! is to fun not to earn money!

In the right money when you make a paysite you should know that your content is going to be up to download FREE in any moment in any place.

and HEY CatCorp maybe you can hack my accounts and give EVERYONE MY PERSONAL INFO
what do you think guys? you feel like come to argentina and hang out?

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  1. Anónimo11/02/2012

    Hi Simsinspring, I don't know who CatCorp is but I do know your creations are amazing. So thank you for making them available freely.

  2. I know this site(CatCorp) and know his fucking admin. Expetially , Irina Kim. Yeah, she's fucking monster. >__<

  3. JAJAJAJA, Se atreve a llamar infractor a Sunset y lo que ella esta haciendo es ilegal. Mucho sentido, si señor(?)
    Que tipa mas idiota, a veces me cuesta creer que haya gente tan estupida rondando por ahi.

  4. lol wtf

    +The most of Meshes she is using are not Hers.
    She get them from 3D Sites.

  5. Desde Jennisims, estamos contigo!!!
    Lo hemos pasado muy mal, con esta chica.

  6. Anónimo11/03/2012


    That is catcorp. ^^ haha found them on ms3b.
    Most think she is russian.

    I personally cannot stand her, obviously I am not alone.
    I really wish she would go far away.