Table Cloth [1x1]

This is a conversion from TS2. The mesh is by Simscrossing and some of the recolors by GritoSims. I just convert this so.. dont thank me for the adorable recolors or the lovely mesh :)
This set include 2 items. The recolor pack and the Recolorable pack. The last picture have a game pattern as you can see (IGNORE THE SHINY WALL) :D

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  1. Lovely! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Very nice.Can sims eat off the table with it on? Also none of these creations accidentally have miscatagorized items or the dreaded doll do they? Are they checked? I'm not saying you have it; I'm just really paranoid after having bad experiences.

  3. Muy sims nice.Can comer en la mesa con él en?

  4. Anónimo9/08/2012

    thank you this is awesome