The Sims 3

Hola, este post es para aquellos que no pueden permitirse pagar el juego LOS SIMS 3, Voy a subir los links de descarga de el juego, sus expansiones y stuffs packs.  Los posts son de Migue_q77 un miembro de Taringa ya que el es quien amablemente subió los juegos a la red, yo solo les estoy ayudando a conocerlo, si aun no lo hacían y claro, ayudarlos a conseguir el juego también. Diría que es necesario que entren a su post para sacarse dudas de algo que yo no comparta con ustedes, dado que este NO es mi post.
Hagan click en la imagen correspondiente a la Expansión o Pack que deseen descargar y los direccionara automáticamente a la pagina correspondiente.
[Los posts de este usuario están en ESPAÑOL ya que es Argentino, si no entienden nada, usen el traductor de google para transcribir la pagina, copiando la URL e insertándola en la caja del traductor, osea en donde corresponde ir el texto que desean traducir, luego seleccionan idioma ESPAÑOL a INGLES o el idioma que hablen, o prefiera y luego seleccionan el botón TRADUCIR y shazam, la pagina se traduce automáticamente, otra opción sería ingresar a la pagina desde GOOGLE CHROME]

Hi, this post is for those who can not afford the game THE SIMS 3, I will post the download links of the game, its expansions and stuffs packs. The post of a member by Migue_q77 a user from Taringa because he is who kindly came to the net game, I just know I'm helping them, if you have not made ​​clear and , help them get the game too. I would say that it is necessary to enter your post to be removed doubts about something that I share with you, since this is NOT my post.
Make click on the image for the Expansion Pack or who want to download and
automatically routed to the corresponding page.
[The posts of this person are in SPANISH as it is from Argentina, if you do not get it, use google translator to transcribe the page, copying the URL and inserting it into the box of the translator, I mean where going corresponding text to be translated , then select SPANISH to ENGLISH language or the language they speak, or prefer and then select the Translate button and shazam, automatically results page, another option would be to enter the page from GOOGLE CHROME]















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  1. thanks! but he talk in spanish but i used teh google traductr hahahahahaha e.e

  2. magnanimous of him. I'm impressed there is someone so kind.
    Thank you...erh...gracias? Hahaha no entiendo espanol..?

  3. Anónimo6/17/2011

    no se necesita crack?

    1. si se necesita y en el post del chico te aparece el link de descarga, pero no se lo pone en la carpeta de generations sino en la del juego base, (Los sims 3)

  4. Anónimo2/15/2012

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  5. OK, so if I get a game from him, do I have to get all game from him?

    1. no, just install the one you want by following the steps

  6. I downloaded the expansion i wanted and when i tried to extract it my 7zip asked for a password. its never done that with previous downloads. is their a password or is this just a way to put viruses in my computer?

    1. is the password of the .zip just like this was a .rar
      the password in spanish is 'contraseña' if you see on his posts he always pute the password like this

      "LEER IMPORTANTE dijo: La contraseña para todos los archivos es: upload_by_migue_q77 "
      try with that pass :)

  7. What do i do after extracting?

    1. • After downloading the game will notice that only part 1 is. "Rar" and the others have another extension. "O".

      What you have to do is simple: make right click on part 1 (that is. Rar) and put extract here.

      After a few seconds they will jump a sign asking them to identify the part 2 to continue to draw, then please click on the review and the window that opens, right at the bottom choose the option to view all files.

      Once you do choose to Part 2 (that is. Ara) and ready from now will decompress all without having to do anything else.

      • The reason I do this is because it is more difficult than Mediafire delete system files with an unknown extension (. O) than with a well-known extension (. Rar).

      I always recommend the use of mini pictures before the cracks for the following reasons:

      • The mini images can be assembled and disassembled, unlike the cracks. Being able to remove the mini image left intact the original files of the game, not to replace anyone, just mount the image with Daemon Tools before playing and dismantle when finished.

      • When updating the game, where they will stand, because if we use a mini image no problems. However if we use a crack, when you want to update the game will get an error and will not let us do it. This error is because the game recognizes that the original files are not because they were replaced by the crack. To solve this two ways: Reeinstalar entire game with their expansions, or downloading Internet files and re-copy originals replacing the crack we had set and only then try to update.

      • The mini-pictures are for all versions of the same expansion or base game, as opposed to telling us that there is a different one for each update.

      ----on his post says

  8. Anónimo7/23/2012

    The Lucky Palms folder is empty, which is why it can't be downloaded...

  9. Anónimo8/01/2012

    Hi, I did everything I could, put the password and click right on the .rar but then nothing happens... I just have one file, the .rar and it makes a folder when i extract it but that's it. There's nowhere a .ara
    I don't understand where the problem is : if it's me, my computer, or the download.

    Thank you for your help !

    1. if now you have an .ara archive you need change the .ara name to .rar

    2. Anónimo8/01/2012

      No, that's what I don't understand, i don't have .ara archive. I just have a .rar directly wih two files in it

    3. oh those files.. you need the Deamon Tools to load one of those files, thats how you install the game try it..
      Download the Deamon Tools, install it.
      then open the program and make click on add image.. then look the folder and well if you can see one file, open it. and then the installer should start
      but if you already try this, and those arent .iso files please tell me what is on the .rar folder and what type of archive is, and what is what you download.. what EP or SP.

    4. Anónimo8/01/2012

      Thank you for trying this hard to help me !
      I'm trying to get the showtime EP and when I extract the folder from mediafire (wich a .rar only) i have .dlc that's called : LS3EXP006ST [migue_q77]
      and that's it (and .nfo)

    5. thats the expansion! thats the cd :D
      i will show you how i have that expansion on my PC:
      Now you have the expansion, if you have Deamon Tools installed you should see that file like on the pitures and you will able to run it.
      If you have Deamon Tools and you dont see the file in the same way it appear on the picture change the name to .iso and run it. then you should be able to install the game normaly and if you download the minimagen, you will not need a crack, just open the .iso file with the deamon tools and run the game and this will work perfecly! and you will be able to installs the updates without problems :)

      please let me know if you could install it.

    6. Anónimo8/02/2012

      It doesn't seem to be the same file as you... yours is 3.988.794 KB and mine is only 7Ko, it can't be the CD, it's too small, isn't it?
      And it doesn't run with daemon tool so I did what you said and change to .iso so it appears but i can't mount the image. There's a little "no entry red sign" on the picture of the CD

      AAARRRgggHHH!!!! ^^

    7. Anónimo8/02/2012

      And I try with other SP, EP, just to see if it worked, and it's the same for all of them. I click on 'descargar media fire' i have .rar file wich i extract and i end up with a .dlc (wich is reaaaally small like between 3Ko and 7Ko) and when i change it to .iso and try to open it in daemon tools, it tells me that the file isn't good

      I don't understand why i don't end up with the same fils than everyone else, maybe i'm not doing something like i should but i don't know what else to doooooo !!! :p

    8. MY GOD! I just realized... try open that file (.dlc) with MiPony
      to download the others files, im so stupid i dont know why i dont on this before :/
      so so so so so SORRY

    9. Anónimo8/02/2012

      Thank you ! i'm trying it right now!!
      Don't apologize, it's already so kind of you to take the time to explain to me !

    10. Anónimo8/02/2012

      Mipony worked, now I have .ara files !!!
      I'm going away for two weeks so I won't be able to let you know if the installation worked. I don't have time to do it now but I will let you know in two weeks, i promise !

      thank you again and again for your kindness, patience and help !

    11. Yay! im just happy it worked :D and yes, please, let me know if you could install it :D

    12. Anónimo8/22/2012

      hey! it works perfectly, thank you so much!!!!!

    13. no problem hon, any time :D

  10. Hola! disculpa, tengo una pregunta :c
    Al terminar de instalar Showtime me da la opcion de instalar la ultima version de Origin.
    Tu lo tienes? me recomiendas instalarlo? D:

    1. no, yo no lo tengo y deberias instalarlo solo si compras los juegos por internet, sino no sirve de nada y molesta mucho :)

    2. Ok, muchas gracias. Ya terminé de instalar hasta la versión 1.38, pero por alguna extraña razón mi Launcher no detecta las últimas dos expansiones que le instalé, en este caso Diesel y Supernatural. Monté la mini-imagen de Supernatural con Daemon Tools pero al querer jugar me dice que no encuentra el disco y que inserte el el disco de Showtime(?????) ;A;

    3. :/ yo no instale supernatural, solo hasta diesel pero quizas desinstalando y volviendo a instalar?

  11. Laurajmb9/23/2012

    Hola, primeramente disculpa mis equivocaciones, mi espanol no es tan bueno. Tengo la misma problema con Diseno y Tecnologia, mi Laucher tambien me dice que no puede encontrar el disco, y entonces no puedo jugar. No se que hacer :/

    1. tu español es muy bueno y hubo un tiempo en el que yo tambien tenía instalado 'Diseño y Tecnologia' y funcionaba perfectamente, deberias probar a desinstalar y volver a instalar :)

  12. Does this only work for PC or Mac also? =)

    1. this works for pc and mac, but if you install it with mac you wont be able to install the updates...

    2. oh man that would be an issue, thank you for replaying! =)

  13. I'm too late! The files have been removed. ):

  14. Tengo una pregunta, para instalar contenido del store tenes que tener actualizado si o si el juego? D:

    1. No, hay actualizaciones espeficicas para el contenido de la store. Cuando hay actualizaciones del juego el launcher dice que 'se encontraron nuevas actualizaciones disponibles'
      cuando es para el contenido de la store dice 'se encontraron actualizaciones disponibles para tu contenido personalizado' :)

  15. Ah :O no sabia eso, siempre quise instalar y me decia que no estaba actalizado xD. Gracias :)

  16. Respuestas
    1. FOUND IT ON HIS POST. IN SPANISH WE SAY 'Contraseña' FOR 'Password' :)

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  18. *hello, I trying to download supernatural and i also downloaded daemon tool and nothing is downloading like it just stays a file i also have keka downloaded, im so lost ugh (sorry I messed up)