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Hola, estoy haciendo la casa de la pelicula "The Notebook" y me parecio que necesitaba hacer unas cuantas patterns para las habitaciones de los niños, y lo que empezaron siendo solo unas 10 patterns, terminaron siendo 33. espero que les gusten tanto como a mi y que las disfruten. John no te preocupes estoy haciendo la casa, solo que me estoy esforzando mucho porque quiero que sea divina ya que disfruto el hacerla y piensa mudar a mis sims ahi, cuando sea convierta en Joven-Adulto. un beso
Hi, I'm doing the house from the movie "The Notebook" and I found I needed to do a few patterns for children's rooms, and what began as only some 10 patterns, ended up being 33. I hope you like them as much as me and enjoy them. John do not worry I'm doing the house, only that I am trying hard because I want to be divine because I enjoy it and plan to move my sims there, when young-adult becomes. kiss
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  1. muchisimas gracias ya las descargue y instale y son hermosas! todo lo que haces es bello

  2. :) ok!! muchos gracias tome su tiempo

  3. Hi, I downloaded these patterns ~ I am on patch 1.26 and have pets installed. The launcher installed them fine, i exited the launcher and reopened to make sure they were still installed; which they were. I went in game and searched through every catagory but can't find them anywhere. Do you know which catagory they were supposed to be located please :)

  4. Anónimo12/10/2011

    Wonderful Pattern!!! Thanks

  5. Anónimo1/08/2012

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  6. That's awsome! Thanks for sharing! ;)