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hace unas semanas que tengo tos, como, mucha, enserio.. y todos los  doctores me decian que solo era un resfriado, y me daban todo tipo de remedios asquerosos! menos uno que tenia sabor a frutilla ♥en fin, hace unos dias m empezo a agarrar una fiebre terrible! y fui al medico otra vez y me dijo que tenia gripe .. no me lo podria haber dicho antes? y el punto es que estoy muy mal y ahora me voy a mi camita a comer galletitas de chocolate con leche y ver FRIENDS, tambien tengo que avisarles que mis sims andan mal... otra vez, y recien ayer los desinstale y los volvi a instalar mañana o mas tarde voy a jugar un poco para terminar por lo menos una de las casas que me pidieron y tienen que saberlo, la estaba haciendo. pero el juego se cerraba solo y no se guardaba nada u.u en fin aca termina el post, me voy a mi camita, besos
a few weeks ago that I have a cough, like, a lot, really .. and all the doctors told me it was just a cold and gave me all kinds of remedies disgusting! except one who had strawberry flavored
finally, a few days ago M started to grab a terrible fever! and went to the doctor again and told me I had flu .. what could I have said before? and the point is that I'm wrong and now I'm going to my bed to eat cookies with milk chocolate and watch FRIENDS, also I have to tell them that my sims are bad ... again, and just yesterday the uninstall and reinstall them again tomorrow or later I'll play a bit to finish at least one of the houses and have asked me to know, I was doing. but the game just closed and nothing was saved uu finally end the post here, I go to my bed, kiss

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